Sunday, April 09, 2006

Better Late Than Never

In November 2004, I met my friend, GaijinGirl (aka Token Asian) in Thailand. She and her family were kind enough to host me and allow me to be a bumbling, jet-lagged tourist.

I have finally downloaded the pictures off of my digicam. And, I'm in the process of uploading them to my Flickr account. I have a little Thailand 2004 set going ... check it out!

And, GG, I still can't thank you enough for such a fabulous trip! *smooch*


  1. Is that a beer? *shocked* considering beers are for straight people. (kidding)

    You look quite fatanbulous in that photo. You should have been carded for that beer. :-)

    I so wanna go to Thailand...

  2. everytime i see your pictures i'm reminded of how slender you really are. you make the mother in me want to visit and foce feed you mashed potatoes, high calorie desserts and lots and lots of cheese. yeah, a visit from me would be a heart attack in the making. :)

  3. well, except he would eat all that and then when you aren't watching he'd run to the restroom and force it all back up. how do you think he maintains his girlish figure?

  4. shh... stop giving away my secrets.

  5. Natsukashiiiiiii. But those photos were in your camera for over a year? With the way I snap pictures, my memory card would be full in no time!!!!! Thanks for the memories!