Friday, April 07, 2006

L'elisir d'Amore

Opera virgin no more. Yep, my opera cherry has been taken. And, unlike butt sex, it may take a little convincing to get me to go again.

Ha. Seriously, the opera was pretty good. The principles were adequate. The chorus was ... a little weak. But, the music was fun.

Our seats were on the very last row of the orchestra level (far away, but I can't complain about free tickets). Fortunately, Robert brought some binoculars, so we could still see some of the action up close and personal: Oooh, look! Heaving bosoms!

And, it was Cute Gay Couple Central! Quoth Robert, "Who else would come to these things?"

After it ended, Robert and I walked to the metro. I got to Fort Totten Station around 11:15. As I was getting ready to walk through Scary Park, I noticed something strange. Two young men walking about 50 yards in front of me started to dawdle. Then, one of them walked off the path. As I approached, I saw that he was crouched behind a tree. "Well, that's just odd," I thought, and instead of entering the park, I walked past it. He could have been using the bathroom (although "crouched" is a weird position to do that in) or he could have been joking around, but I didn't want to take any chances.

I decided to take the long way to John's. Long, but safer, as it followed two well-travelled and well-lit streets. I called John and we talked the whole way. I got home around 11:40.

Of course, I was too keyed up to go straight to bed, and Oscar was way too hyper after being in his kennel all evening. I guess I finally fell asleep at some point between 12:30 and 1.

6AM came way too early this morning. And it's raining. GAH! Hopefully this day will go by quickly. I have no plans tonight, other than knit and watch DVDs.

Tomorrow, I have to be up early because Robert, Tomoko, Steve, Bobby and I are going to Philadelphia for the day to see the Body Worlds Exhibit at the Franklin Institute. Cadavers. Fun.


  1. It was Cute Gay Couple Central at the last Joe Jackson concert I went to. I had had no idea Joe Jackson was gay until I was standing in the lobby crowd-watching and kept noticing Cute Gay Couples.

    The amusing thing about that show was that Joe was headlining with Todd Rundgren, so the other half of the crowd was odd eclectic Todd fans. I had so much fun!

  2. i'm glad you kept yourself safe and wisely chose to not do the scary park route. it sounds a whole lot like a set up.

    i've never been to an opera. sopranos make my ears bleed and tenors, baritones and bassos (add basso profundo to that) make me all sleepy and stuff.