Saturday, April 08, 2006

Back from Philly

whew. I'm tired. Long day. Up at 7. left the house at 8. Met everyone at 9. Robert drove us to Philly. Bad rainy weather so the trip took longer than normal. Got to the Franklin Institute. Walked through the Body Worlds exhibit - which was quite interesting. Met some of Robert's friends for a late lunch at a crepe restaurant (fantastic!). rode back. got to Fort Totten around 8. dog was super-hyper. i'm eating dinner. am very tired. more later. for now, a photo:

Bobby, Steve, Me, and Tomoko outside the crepe restaurant.


  1. Aw, what fun. Sorry I couldn't join you. I been to that restaurant thanks to Diablo. It is good!

  2. Yes, that restaurant is called Beau Monde and is located at 6th and Bainbridge in Philadelphia, PA.

  3. tomoko12:23 PM

    i'm......big thighs and big hair! damn.