Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yarnly Goodness


New Yarn! New Yarn!
Let the knitting fun commence!
The ball on the left is one of 7 to be knit into an afghan. (this afghan).
The ball on the right is one of 4 to be knit into Y's yet-to-be-determined Xmas Hannukah Channukah holiday present. Perhaps a scarf! Or a hat! Or knittens! Or two of the three!
I also have 4 more balls like the ball on the right (but different colors - 2 green, 2 "dune twist") to use for another friend's Xmas/Birthday present.

*woot* Yarn! YAY!


  1. Y holiday present: knitted luffah.

  2. That afghan rocks! Is it all garter stitch? Will it take for-fucking-ever to knit?!

    You should make knittens and a hat for Y. Because I think that would be adorable. And you should put a pompom on the hat, too. Yes. Yes, that's exactly what you should do!

  3. goblinbox: It is all garter stitch. It will take for-forking-ever to knit.

  4. Loving the afghan big time - and really enjoying the blog also - found you through Bigg... hope you don't mind but I will be back!

  5. spider: Thanks! Welcome to VUTOPIA.