Monday, August 20, 2007

The Case of the Creepy Old Man Banging on My Door

Tomokito (aka. my Not-Really-New-Anymore Upstairs Neighbor) sent me an email this morning:

yesterday, maybe late afternoon, i heard someone was banging the door for several minutes on your floor. i looked out from the door and saw an old man with grey hair muttering something. i guess you were not at home....i don't know who he was....creepy.

My next door neighbor, who I don't believe Tomokito has met, could be described as "creepy" and "old," which makes me wonder why in the heck he was pounding on my door for several minutes.

Did I leave my TV or radio on? [I don't think so]
Was the cat caterwauling? [A possibility]
Did my ceiling come crashing down? [Let's hope not. And let's also hope that NRNAUN would have noticed that.]
Is there some sort of problem with the shared wall between our two apartments?
Did he think I was making too much noise? [I left for Y's around 2PM, but, given that DUN says he's a big pothead, maybe he imagined I was making lots of noise.]

Who knows?

And, now, of course, I'm all kind of anxious about it. "It" being the state of my apartment, not the state of my creepy neighbor.

Here's an important public service announcement: If you are banging on my door "for several minutes," either 1) I am not home or 2) your banging on my door "for several minutes" has FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT and I'm not going to answer.

That is all.


  1. Maybe he heard about your new Libbey Golden Foliage stemware and wanted to see it as soon as possible...

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  3. The suspense has doubled now: what's up with VUBOQ's apartment and his bid on eBay? *suspense music playing in my head*

  4. oh, i didn't say the creepy old man was banging on YOUR door. "someone was banging the door for several minutes on your FLOOR." i'm not sure exactly which door the guy was banging....i was a little scared to go down to check it. i saw the man in front of your door, though. he didn't look like your next door neighbor...but i'm not sure because i saw him in the parking lot from my room's window only once. the creepy guy might be a crazy friend of your next door neighbor and banging his would also be a problem.

  5. tomokito: oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. ok. y'know, come to think of it, awhile back, i remember hearing someone banging on Across the Hall Neighbor's door (I think). Maybe it was the same thing.

  6. men don't knock at my door, not even the creepy old ones...