Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Goals for September

During a lull at work this morning, I decided to jot down a few things I wanted to accomplish by the end of September ...

1. Start running [on a regular basis. in the morning. this will be difficult. I also need to buy new running shoes, so this isn't going to start until the new September budget goes into effect.]

2. Job Hunting [polish up the resume. devote a certain amount of time per evening to perusing job openings.]

3. Plant flowers [possibly chrysanthemums in the part of my yard I now refer to as The Chili Plant Graveyard.]

4. Writing [complete at least 2 new short stories (rough drafts).]

5. Finish the spare bedroom cum office [*heh* "cum" ... this includes painting (hopefully over Labor Day Weekend) and buying some new furniture (desk and futon mattress).]

Stay tuned for exciting updates.
I am having difficulty thinking in complete sentences today. *bleah*


  1. There are no one else's Partial Sentences Bossy would rather read.

  2. You're so wonderful. Also maybe a bit of a control freak.

    Heh. You said *cum*.