Thursday, August 16, 2007


Last night, DUN -who we all love and adore- hosted a Neighborly Craft Night. There was knitting. There was knot-tying. There was dried bean art. And there was great food. And BOOZE. Lots of booze.

DUN made a delicious pasta with tomatoes and basil from her garden. YUM.

I brought my very special coffee cinnamon infused vodka, and made a cocktail inspired by the wonderfully alcoholic Mush:

2 parts coffee cinnamon infused vodka
1 part creme de cacao
1 part cream

Shake with ice.

Then, DUN's supercute (and very tan) boyfriend made margaritas with agave juice (?). Boozy goodness!

Unfortunately, I didn't get home until around midnight. Then, I called Y (because he had called during the party and I told him I'd call back). We talked for about half an hour.

I could *not* get out of bed this morning. Once out of bed, I could not motivate to do anything. Getting ready for work was. such. a. chore. Luckily, I managed to catch a bus to get here on time. Yay.

And my brain should be semi-functional after about 2 more cups of Crappy Office Swill coffee. Perhaps a more interesting post later.

Perhaps not.



  1. That sounds fun. And yummy. How did the cinnamon-coffee vodka turn out?

  2. Yummy. And brilliant crime-scene sketch.

  3. The coffee vodka thing sounds so good!

  4. coffee cinnamon infused vodka!? Sounds like heaven.

  5. I wish that I had a margarita last night...

  6. Your building is rather... flaccid. Look at it, all bendy like that. *cackle!*