Monday, August 20, 2007

The Suspense. I Can't Stand the Suspense.

I was on eBay all weekend bidding on glassware. I have this set of 8 glasses from my grandmother, and I thought it would be a fun idea to get more of that pattern, which I have come to discover is called Libbey Golden Foliage.

I bid on 4 cocktail glasses ($2, but I lost). I bid on 7 pilsner glasses ($6?, and there's one more day to go on that auction). I also bid on 2 vodka bottles, which I suppose are more like decanters. That auction ended last night around midnight. I haven't been able to check to see if I won. I'll have to wait until I get home. Oh, the agony.

There's an ice bucket with 8 matching cocktail glasses in this neato brass holder I'm considering bidding on, too. It all depends on if I win the other auctions or not.

What I would totally love are some saucer-shaped champagne glasses. I know champagne afficionados do not care for that shape, preferring the tall, slender glass. But I think the saucer-shaped glass is fun and equally as elegant.

As for the rest of my weekend ...

Friday night, I blobbed around the house, feeling achy and blah. I decided to frog the afghan for 2 reasons - 1) I had made several mistakes and B) I didn't particularly like the color combination. In the process of doing this, I discovered what I think to be a mistake in the pattern.

[Boring Knitting Talk. You can skip this if you want.]

I tested my gauge and was close to the 7 rows, 7 stitches = 4" requirement. So, I cast on the 145 stitches and began knitting happily away. When I pulled the afghan off the needles to frog it, it was nearly as long as my 7-foot sofa ...

The final measurements of the afghan should be 54"x 94". I thought maybe the instructions wanted you to knit the long side. However, when looking at the pictures, the contrasting color border seems to be on the short side.

When I started over, I only cast on 90 stitches. That seems to be going a little better.

[/Boring Knitting Talk]

Saturday, I went to Mike's house for brunch. When I got home, my tummy started feeling oogly. And remained feeling oogly for the rest of the day. So, I stayed in, watched movies, and knitted.

Yesterday, I had a very slow and relaxing morning. Then, I headed over to Y's. He seemed to be in better spirits now that his deadline has been extended for up to 2 weeks. [Sex! YAY!]

No big plans tonight. I could use a good night's rest. Work is going to be a mess this week with 2 people out. *urgh*

Happy Monday, Kittens. *smooch*


  1. I love eBay! I successfully bid on a 1928 Georgia O'Keefe print last year. Nice glass pattern. I hope you're successful.

    Y is Yay for sex!

    (Can you tell I've been reading alphabet books?)

  2. Be careful -- It starts with glasses, then you spiral out of control into a total dish queen.

    I love the retro pattern, though.

  3. Ha ha, I was just going to say, Thom collects glassware (and dishware)! and then I click on that link and looks like you've already found that out. ;-)

    @GayProf: LOL! I love my dish queen. (Thankfully we're both into 1950s style and patterns!)

  4. Uh oh, knitting talk is boring? Boy, am I in trouble...

  5. Yes, it can become an addiction; I've got sets and sets of mid-century dishware and glassware, and we don't really even have anywhere yet to display them (since giving away the china cabinet before moving out here).

    To answer your question posted on my photo, I've never seen any American-style champagne glasses (nor any flutes, either, though the Pilsners can kind of serve) in this pattern. There are several stemmed dessert dishes, though, that potentially could be used that way.

    Oh, did you know that there's also a Silver Foliage pattern (the same design, but silver rather than gold leaf)? I've also got a couple of ice buckets and a decanter set with shot glasses (the pieces on display in the photo are probably less than a tenth of what I have in the Golden Foliage pattern).