Friday, August 10, 2007

And Now for the Rest of the Story

Also known as "What I Did Last Night"

Which was actually not much.

After work, I washed dishes.
I cleaned the cat box.
I made a martini.
I pan-fried some squash and zucchini.
I ate some of the fried squash/zucchini on a bed of baby spinach with cucumber, grape tomatoes, slices of feta, and a dash of balsamic vinegar.
I washed more dishes.
I showered.
I packed an overnight bag.
I metro'ed to Y's for a night of air-conditioning and buttsecks. *woot*

Of course, as has become a regular event, the aforementioned buttsecks occurred after I had been asleep for a good 4 hours. Still, beggars can't be choosers ... but it would be nice to have secks when I'm awake every now and then;-)

We will be discussing that soon. I do like sleeping with him ...

As for my weekend plans, there's not a whole lot going on. It looks like Mike and I are heading over to Darryl's new apartment tonight at some point. Then, tomorrow, I have a hair appointment! Yay! Re-blonding! I love it!

No plans for Sunday, but I'm hoping that maybe Y and I can have a lazy morning, and then I can make brunch foods. Mmm. Brunch. At home. So lovely.


  1. your very bossy cousin11:35 AM

    So I was reading the entries that I missed because I was actually working (UGH) and I want to know why you can't just take some plastic to the store and buy a new air-conditioner? I think it would be ~$200-$300. You could get one with lotsa BTUs, or just get a little one for your bedroom. Buy it from Sears. Get it deliverd. You can do it all via your favorite - the interweb - without ever leaving your office. All I'm saying is: it's going to feel like HELL there until well into September, why suffer? HELL! Hotter than the hinges on the gates of!

  2. Dear Very Bossy Cousin,

    As much as I would like to spend $200-300 on a new air conditioner, we are faced with the problem of not having $200-300 to spend on a new air conditioner (and you know how we hate carrying a balance on the credit card). Also, we are only allowed one unit per apartment, so putting another on in the bedroom is not possible.


  3. There are portable A/Cs. They are slightly more expensive than the window ones, but as effective (even more effective). I used it in NY. I just moved it from the living room to the bedroom at night when it's too hot. Something to consider :)

    I'm just curious to know: Is it possible to enjoy the secks while you are half asleep? Seriously.

  4. bala wala shi: For me (at least), half-asleep secks is enjoyable. It's weird to be sort of in a dreamlike state while going at it. Eventually, of course, there comes a moment when I'm WIDE AWAKE! fun times, kitten.