Monday, August 06, 2007

There's a Reason Why Almost No One But My Parents Have My Work Phone Number

And, they [the parents] are under strict instructions to only phone me on my work number if it's an absolute emergency - like death and/or dismemberment.

I have a cell phone. It is almost always with me. People can reach me on that. And, then, if the conversation gets a little too personal, I can leave my cubicle and talk outside.

As we say here in Cubiclelandia, the Cubes have Ears, and I really don't want them listening in on my business ... kind of like what I'm doing to my co-worker right now.


  1. Well?! What's your coworker talking about?!?

  2. Ah, gossip...the joy of drama that doesn't require any angst on your part...