Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Spot the Difference

Most. Boring. Day. Ever.
And isn't it interesting that all the coffee beans have sunk to the bottom?

I found a recipe for Summer Vegetable Stew, which looks good. I think I'm going to make that. Any suggestions for side dishes?

I already have a big ol' tub of double fudge brownie ice cream for dessert. Mmmm.


  1. one of my favorite summer side dishes that i think will go with this is fried cheese rolls & green simple salad.

    I use small spring roll sheets (12 cmX12 cm-- but you can use any size you like) and stuff them with a mix of feta and mozzarella cheese and some thyme leaves. I mix the cheeses and thyme together before stuffing. Fry them just before serving.

    This often goes well with a green leafy salad with a simple vinaigrette or a carrot salad. One bite from each is just heavenly and very refreshing.

  2. The stew sounds wonderful. Maybe serve with a tomato-feta-basil salad.

  3. Stew sounds great. Gotta try it twice with both bala and gb suggestions! And to boot, I'll probably give it a go with some home made spicy potatoe wedges too.

    AND I'm now gonna have to scroll back down and see what exactly you put in the vodka again. I feels needs...