Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Hands Smell Like Pupusa

Now, for the textual portion of my (and Y's) pupusa-making extravaganza!

The pupusas were surprisingly easy to make, once I got the dough to a workable consistency.* The recipe I used is here. As you all know, I have difficulty following a recipe ... but, since this was something new, I did my best to follow it to the letter.

Of course, I don't really like cilantro all that much, so I left that out.

And, I didn't have any cumin. I could've sworn I had cumin. I always think I have cumin. But, then, when I check my spice cabinet, it is not cumin. It is cardamom, which -so I have come to learn- is *not* the same thing.

Thus, instead of cumin, I substituted a liberal sprinkling of garam masala, which has cumin in it (It does!). However, it gave the pupusas a slight, but not unpleasant, Indian flavor.

We only stuffed the pupusas with cheese (jalapeno jack). Next time -and there will be a next time because these puppies are so easy to make- I want to stuff them with veggies too! Like corn! And spinach! And squash! I wonder if the veggies would need to be pre-cooked?

I think I made them a little too big, because the recipe said "makes 6," but Y and I only made 5.

The pupusas were served warm with a side salad of spinach, cucumber, and tomato dressed with lime juice. Y brought a mango for dessert, but we were too stuffed to eat it.

After dinner, I knitted while Y worked on a presentation he has to give to day. I went to bed around 10:30.

Y joined me after midnight ... we had a little fun [ok, a lot of fun] and then fell asleep.

So there you have it. Meat-free Tuesday in three posts or less.

More later, kittens! *smooch*

*A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.** A dry consistency is the hobgoblin of too large pupusas.

**Can anyone name that quote?


  1. Since we only get an update on VUBOQ's cooking activities on meat-free monday (monday can also be tuesday, depending..), we are left curious about VUBOQ's cooking activities during the rest of the week. What does VUBOQ does for food when it's not mfm?

  2. bala wala shi: vuboq only eats on Mondays.

  3. Your idea of "following a recipe to the letter" is astonishing. Really. With a dish that simple you don't just substitute spices and leave out the cilantro! You crack me up, hon. *smooch*

  4. Glad it turned out yummy, though! You're a genius!

  5. Cooking Schooking. Fine - Bossy has put up with the mystery long enough and now she has to ask: Do we know what Y looks like? There are various photos on your sidebar and Bossy has perused them all. Which is Y?