Thursday, August 02, 2007


Because VUBOQ's evening was rather uneventful [I did laundry! I drank a Tom Collins! I knitted! I chatted with Y! I talked to friends!], VUBOQ is going to tell you a story:

VUBOQ and the Scary Elevator Ride from Hell!! (ooooh)

Once upon a time, today in fact, VUBOQ went to work.
Here is a bird's eye view of his office building:
VUBOQ works on the 6th floor of his SHINY! building:

SHINY! but not NEW! (Do you see me waving?)

Anyway, on this superhot, sticky, 1 Gabillion degree morning, VUBOQ sloshed into the main lobby, just missing an elevator.

VUBOQ hates the rude people who see someone coming into the main lobby but don't hold the elevator doors.

So, VUBOQ pressed the UP button and waited. And waited. And waited.

After many, many hours, an elevator finally arrived. VUBOQ entered and pressed "6."



up went the elevator. All the way to the 10th floor. Without stopping on 6.

On the 10th floor, the elevator paused and



down went the elevator. All the way to the lobby. Without stopping on 6.

At the lobby, the elevator paused and



up went the elevator. All the way to the 10th floor. Without stopping on 6.

By this time, VUBOQ was feeling (a) a little queasy and (2) a lot freaked out! VUBOQ trapped in the never stopping elevator for eternity! TRAPPED! AAAAH!

In a brief moment of clarity (and elevator-pausing), VUBOQ pressed the DOOR OPEN button.

Lo and behold! The doors opened. On the 10th floor. With a sigh of relief *sigh*, VUBOQ exited the elevator. Waited for the doors to close again. And pressed the DOWN button.

Eventually, another elevator arrived and VUBOQ rode in relative peace and safety to the 6th floor.

The End.


  1. Uh -- Maybe you should start taking the stairs. I am not sayin', I am just sayin'.

    Do you actually get to look out of one of those many windows? Or are you trapped in the building's core?

  2. gayprof: I would love to take the stairs, but the doors to the stairwell are locked (from the stairwell side) to prevent theft and stuff.

    And, my cubicle is by the window. I have a lovely view of the parking garage across the street. And a church. And the Courtyard Marriott.

  3. Ugh, I have evil elevator nightmares all the time. I'm glad yours didn't eat you!