Monday, August 13, 2007

Ants in My Pants

Last week, I bought two pairs of pants (in honey brown and dark khaki) from J. Crew. On Sale! $19.99 each! *woot*

On Friday, I just missed the UPS delivery guy. He was pulling out of the parking lot when I saw the tag on my door. Gah! I seriously considered running after him. But I was too late.

The pants are supposed to be redelivered today. Sometime between the hours of 10:30-5. Love those narrow delivery windows! I finish work at 4:30 today, so I'm hoping that the pants will not be delivered until 5ish.

I'm getting a little ansy with an hour left in the workday. If I miss the delivery, I'm going to be so peeved.


  1. Can't you just have him leave it at the door?

  2. gayprof: there are no guarantees that he can get into my building, otherwise I would. and i don't want him to leave the package on our front stoop. i may take the bus home today so i'll get there more quickly!

  3. bala wala shi: the only neighbors who are there during the day are the little Chinese couple that speak about 3 words of English.

  4. Cute pants ...and wow, what a great price!

  5. I'd be well pissed off with such a narrow delivery time! Especially when you know they're gonna be late

  6. I love those pants...

    *clickty click*

    as far as facebook, I joined a while back, but feel like an ancient dinosaur on that site so barely use it.