Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lookit Me. Bloggin' from Home

Happy Saturday. I iz movin' a leeeeeeeeetle slow this "morning." Too much fun was had with teh kittehs last night.

Mike picked me up around 7, and we drove to Darryl's new apartment, which, btw*, is v. nice. We ordered pizza, drank lots of champagne and white wine. I got home around 2ish and chatted with Y for a bit before hitting the sack.

I was up at 9:30, but haven't really moved from my sofa except to refill my coffee mug. I have about 2 hours before I need to head out to my hair appointment.

I am craving some homemade gazpacho. I think there's a vegetable stand near the salon. Maybe they have some yummy fresh tomatoes there. If not ... I guess I can pick some up at Whole Foods on the way home.

No plans tonight ... I think a night in will be nice. Gazpacho and knitting. What could be better?

*I met this guy a few weeks ago, that instead of saying "by the way" would actually say "btw." So that's how I say it in my head now when I type it.


  1. I heard a bunch of teenage girls in NY subway screaming on top of their voices and talking to their friends who were standing on the opposite platform. one of them said "O.M.G." instead of "oh my god." What else do people use? pls.? brb? sadly I'm not very well versed with the internet abbreviations.

  2. I don't IM enough to know all the little acronyms. It took me forever to figure out BRB.

  3. fyi (for your information) and btw (by the way) are two that I can't live without. I'm SOOO lazy. lmao... (laughing my arse off)

    Yet widda times oldies!