Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stay Cool Dude

When the outside thermometer is soaring to 8 GABILLION and 3 degrees, and the bedroom is a soothingly cool 8 GABILLION and 1, this is how VUBOQ stays cool at night ...

Read and learn, kittens:

1. Angle a fan to direct the cooled, conditioned air into the bedroom.
2. Crank fan to high.
3. Make the Y, who doesn't like fans blowing on him (*cough* freak *cough*), sleep on the sofa.
4. Crank A/C to high.
5. Watch A/C *gasp* *sputter* and *wheeeeeeeeeeeeze*
6. Place a wet handtowel in the freezer.
7. After the towel is thoroughly frozen, place in plastic bag and put in your bed. [It's like a hot water botter, only cold.]
8. Take a VERY cold shower.
9. Don't dry off. Stand in front of *gasp*ing A/C
10. Keep a spray bottle full of cold water near your bed. If you get hot during the night, give yourself a refreshing *spritz*.
12. That didn't have anything to do with staying cool, but it happened last night. Not. Fun.
13. Finally, if all this fails and you are still too hot, pack up and go to Y's centrally air-conditioned condo. *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*


  1. The cold water bottle technology is just ingeniouness.. you have to patent it.

    I'm like Y, I get sick from fans blowing on me while sleeping.

  2. I am having trouble regulating the temp in my new digs. It (thank the goddess) has central a/c. Still, with the humidity I am either freezing or roasting.

    What does this have to do with you? Not much -- But sometimes I want to be part of the conversation.

  3. bala wala shi: Maybe it's a Middle Eastern thing then (the not sleeping with fans blowing on them)?

    gayprof: Maybe you should try having a fan blow on you when you are roasting. Here in VUtopia, we are all about finding solutions!

  4. Is Y gonna be entirely happy that you've just told the entire blogoverse to rock on up to his place when they're feeling warm?