Friday, August 17, 2007

The Man Is Not Eating

... and, now, he's not sleeping either.


Yesterday, Y sent me an IM saying that he was taking a short break. During the course of our conversation, I asked if he had eaten. Y'know, because food is important, and last time I was at his house (Tuesday?) he had none.

His reply: "I had some cheese and crackers. And now I'm eating Nutella."
Me: "I'm coming over tonight to fix dinner."

So, after work, I went home, took care of the kitty, made a grocery list and packed an overnight bag (all while talking to the SuperFantastic Cuz). Yes, I am a multi-tasker! *woot*

I stopped off at the Whole Foods to pick up a few odds and ends and, eventually, arrived at Y's around 8.

I made: Tomato and cucumber salad, on baby spinach, with a lemon/olive oil dressing, topped with shredded goat cheese. And, a summery pasta - DUN's homegrown pattypan squash, onion, bell pepper, tomato, and corn, rotini pasta, and lots of cheese (goat and gouda, I think).

I don't remember exactly what kind of cheese it was, because they were rinds Tomokito left in my apartment before she went to Hawaii. They had gotten kind of hard, but they grated nicely.

I made a lot. It should last for at least 2 more meals.

We ate around 9, chatted for a bit, and he went back to work. I read, falling asleep at 11ish. I woke up at 2:30 (after some very disturbing dreams). He was still working.

He was still working when the alarm went off at 6:30.

I don't sleep all that well at Y's house anyway. With him up, and the lights on, I felt like I hardly slept at all, too. Or, at least, it was that weird shallow sleep where I was still vaguely aware of my surroundings.

I'm supposed to go to a happy hour tonight, but I think I'm going to back out. I feel completely wiped out, the sort of achy tiredness that preludes a cold. I'd rather not get sick ... especially before I head to Atlanta (next weekend *woot*).

Unfortunately, I have no other exciting plans this weekend. I should make some. Maybe I'll go rollerblading. The weather forecast looks like this weekend might be mild (in the 80s!).


  1. I can fall asleep anywhere. It may not be much to brag about but I suppose it's a talent of sorts ... sort of.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. your cousin10:33 AM

    Why don't you come here for the weekend? You can help me mulch. Exciting! But - there is very good sleep to be had at my house, in the magic guest bed.

  3. You ran over to cook dinner. That is so adorable. Adorable!

  4. someday I'll have someone to cook me dinner..... *sigh*

    Have a great weekend little buddy!

  5. Yeah, I agree with cuz. Come here for the weekend!

    Try taking those zinc tablets if you think you are getting a cold. I thought the claims about them were dubious, but they really do work.

  6. Rollerblading sounds cool! I'm sure it will bring your system back to balance.

  7. That Y needs to manage himself better. The poor man can't think on crackers and no sleep!

    Thank God for Vuboq, who feeds him.

  8. Gosh, I wish I had someone like you to cook for me. No one I know (including myself) can cook anything vegetarian (except for stuff like grilled cheese or pasta) and your stuff always sounds so yummy. I hope Y is appreciating this!