Friday, August 31, 2007

Out Out Damn Chrysanthemum

I bought a mum today from Whole Foods [4/$12!]. I was going to plant it tomorrow in the Valley of the Dead Chili Peppers, but Fate, and Isabella, had different ideas.

She keeps nibbling on it. And I would rather not spend the evening and morning cleaning up Vomit of Joy.

So, I'm going out to plant it now. Photo to follow shortly:

Mums the word

Pretty, no? That's our rosemary bush to the right.
I may buy a maroon one tomorrow so that she will have a friend.

Late night bonus: Photo of my homemade peach-infused vodka and cocktail [2 oz peach vodka, shaken over ice, splash of lemon Italian soda]:

Peach vodka


  1. One of my cocktail guests brought me some very lovely lilies. I also am trying to keep Cat from eating/destroying/regurgitating them. Why? Why must they destroy flowers?

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Is it Mum season or something?

    Oh, and your drink sounds yummy ^_^.

  3. gayprof: i can only guess it's because they love them so much. the other pressing question is why do they like to sit right in front of the computer when i'm working?

    steph: yes. it is mum season. they are Fall flowers. and the drink *was* yummy!

  4. mmm...peach vodka. Mums are one of those flowers that I cannot stand. Its September and my roses are going through their second bloom and should last until at least October

  5. I love mums when they're not lavender-colored.

  6. E.C.: HA! one of my neighbors bought mums yesterday to plant in front of her door and they were *shudder* lavender. When I saw them, I was all "ewww."

  7. You realize that vodka is the choice of true alcoholics?