Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Some tasty tidbits for today:

1. I won two auctions on eBay. I'm the proud owner of 2 Libbey Golden Foliage "vodka bottles" and 7 Libbey Golden Foliage pilsner glasses [photos will be posted upon receipt].

2. The battery on my laptop is very nearly dead. I must go to Y's tonight to get my electric pluggy thing [and, well, maybe some red-hot luvin'].

3. Work is driving me crazy (more on this later, perhaps). I am so looking forward to my trip to Atlanta this weekend.

4. Practically every story I heard on NPR this morning reminded me of someone today. I can't find any of the links though. There was a fascinating bit about bird-watchers using mp3s of birdsongs to make their watching easier (Shout-out to the E.C.). And, a bit about an Etruscan chariot and archaelogical plundering, which I thought the SuperFantastic Cuzin would like (I *did* find that link. Here it is.).

5. I watched The Fountainhead last night. I read the book ages ago, and I don't remember it being quite so ... heavy-handed. I guess condensing a thousand-page book into a two-hour movie, and still getting the message across, didn't leave much room for subtlety. After awhile, I was all "I GET IT! I GET IT!" As a side note, I always imagined Howard Roark to be much hotter.

6. I am pleased with how the afghan is turning out (so far).

7. I increased my 401(k) contributions from 4% to 5%. Now, in approximately 300 years, I'll be able to retire a MILLIONAIRE!!!



  1. Congrats on getting the winning Golden Foliage ticket!

    What are you going to be doing in Atlanta?

  2. Oh, and I meant to mention that I find Ayn Rand completely unreadable. Anyone who manages to get through that stuff is way, way smarter than I'll ever be!

  3. Ugh -- I need to deal with my new retirement enrollment. I am too young to be thinking about how I will manage to eat when I am old.

  4. cooper: My plans in Atlanta have not yet been determined. Probably lots of eating and talking, though.

    gayprof: From what I understand, MWFU has a very awesome retirement plan. Sign up as soon as you can! It is while we are young (well, at least while you are young) that we SHOULD think about these things!

  5. My eleventh grade theatre arts teacher made us watch The Fountainhead over a couple of class periods. I don't know why. I don't remember a darn thing about it, but I remember that I enjoyed it at the time. Still, I agree with Cooper. Unreadable.

  6. Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm trying to be anonymous! ;)