Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Man from Atlanta

Back to the grind ... but before I bitch and moan about work, how about a little review of my trip?

I left work (yay!) at around 2PM, metro'ed and bused to BWI airport. Checking in was a breeze. So was security. And my plane took off on time. *woot*

I arrived in Charlotte around 6:30. And my connecting flight was scheduled to take off at 7:55. Just enough time to grab a quick beer and a bite!

Unfortunately, when I landed in Charlotte and checked to see where my gate was, I saw that my flight had been delayed until 9:30. GAH! Just enough time for several leisurely beers and a veggie quesadilla at a NASCAR-themed bar. Ack. Welcome to the South.
Beer und nascar

After eating, I checked the departure board again and learned that my flight was now delayed until 10:40. GAH! I think we finally took off a little after 11, arriving in Atlanta just after midnight. So. very. tired.

The next day, after seeing Christal's Palatial Estate [my apartment could fit in her bedroom] in the daylight and blobbing around for awhile. We drove into Atlanta for brunch and shopping. We went to the Virginia Highlands neighborhood, which is sort of like a less college-y Adams Morgan ... or a slightly less bohemian Takoma Park. It was hot (so very very hot), so we returned to Christal's air-conditioned home and blobbed.

Later, we did a little more shopping, and we pretended we were a couple looking for a new home ... just so we could tour some of the gigantic new construction going on. And. OMG! Houses are so frickin' cheap there. These over 3500 sq. ft. homes are selling for less (or right around) $300K. Fork. I live in the wrong city

We were planning to go out, but thunderstorms dampened our desire to be out and about. Instead we had drinks and then went to a nearby Mexican place for a late dinner.

Sunday, we did more blobbing. I like blobbing. We watched movies. We made cookies. A "friend" of Christal's came by for a quick minute. Then, we headed back to midtown Atlanta for dinner at Dolce in Atlantic Station. It was Restaurant Week, so we had a 3 course meal for $25. Bargain. It was quite yummy.

And that was about it. The next day, we got up and Christal drove me to the airport. My flight back was uneventful. I was home by noonish.

I took a nap. It was lovely.

Then, after spending some quality time with my pussy, I bought the fixings for cornbread and chili and went over to Y's to cook dinner. Mmmm.

Tonight, I'll be taking the 2 GA peaches I smuggled home in my suitcase and making peach-infused vodka. *woot*


  1. sounds like you had a blast (apart from the 3 hour layover extension).

    Peach infused vodka yum!!


  2. I am glad you are back!

    You know, houses are even cheaper in Texas -- But that is no reason to live there. Stay in the city! I mean the real city, not the sprawlly pretend city.


  4. goblinbox: shhhh! keep your voice down.