Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everybody's Gonna Lunch Today, Lunch Today


You know you wanna bite.

Last night, I discovered I had a message on It was from my best friend from high school, the best friend who decided he didn't really want to have anything to do with me for the last semester of school. Uh. OK.

I'm too cheap to pay to read the message, so I googled him. I remembered that he entered the ministry and works in my father's former conference. After that, it was pretty easy to find his church and work email address. Google. It is an amazing tool.

I sent him a quick message this morning. He responded about an hour later. He's all married and with child [She's nearly 5]. Apparently, our 20th high school reunion (ACK!) is coming up next year, and he was getting all reminiscent. Now, I'm working on an update of my life. We haven't spoken in over 18 years (at least), so it's difficult trying to figure out what to tell him ... current events only? I'll probably leave the gay bit 'til later. Besides, "I love teh buttsecks" may not go over too well on a church email address.

Then, again, that could be quite funny.

Other than that, my day has plodded along as usual.

OH. As a public service, here's some information about lead-based paint:

If you have kids under the age of 5 and have not had them screened for lead. I suggest you do it, especially if they are at risk (Do you live in home built before 1978?). Soon. From what I remember, it's recommended that kids get tested for lead on their first and second birthdays and every two years after that (until they are 6).


  1. Well, given your long lost friend has a child around 5, you can open with that EPA bit.

    Why not tell him your gay? That seems like a "biggie" for the past 18 years?

  2. That is you're gay, not "your gay." Ugh. Shame on GayProf

  3. 1. Just be all, "went to school here, worked this job, moved here, traveled there, got this job, got this other job, bought a condo. Have a cat, blah blah blah, and I have to go now because my boyfriend is picking me up for dinner."

    2. I was never tested for lead. It's so hard to be a kid these days.

  4. I mean, might as well get it out right away, 'cause why bother re-friending him if he's gonna balk at such a thing as that?

  5. Is that Pee Bee En Jay? Love that sandwich.

  6. gayprof: It does seem like a biggie. However, I may never speak to him again after this email, so why bother? Eh. I'll think about it.

    gayprof again: vuboq forgives your grammatical transgression.

    goblinbox:um... yeah.

    goblinbox again: the re-friending decision has not yet been made.

    bossy: why yes it is PB und J. The J being blueberry jam. YUM.

  7. take this sandwich away! it's making me hungry.

  8. Hey, I made Michael pb&j for lunch today! Mmmm...

  9. Thanks for all the lead poisoning info. I'm arranging blood tests for my kidlets ... and returning some little metal cars (all Made in China), one of which is chipped. My baby hasn't eaten one but he does chew them sometimes. Better to be safe.

    In Vancouver I had peanutbutter and jelly ice-cream. It rocked.