Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let a Thousand Posts Contend

This is it, kittens! P1K! One thousand posts! *woot*

*marching bands*
*snarky comments about closeted Republicans*

Last night, Isa and I discussed a certain Idaho Senator's ... um ... situation. And by "situation" I mean "penchant for cruising various public restrooms for sexual thrills."

I floated a theory, which is still hanging around in my brain ... Why is it we've been hearing more about GOP gay shenanigans than Democratic gloryhole frolicking? Besides Barney Frank in the 80s and Jim McGreevey a few years ago, what other Democratic gay scandals have there been in recent memory? Are Democrats smarter than Republicans? More discreet?

Probably ... but that's not my theory.

My theory is this: Because Dems tend to skew more socially liberal than Republicans, they are also more comfortable with issues of sexuality, including their own. Out and proud Democrats don't run for public office. Or they run as out and proud Democrats ... and aren't elected. Gay Republicans (or "I'm not gay. I just like having random sex with men in public toilets" Republicans) stay closeted, get married, and get elected.

And get caught with their pants down, toe-tapping the blues in the stall next to yours.

What do you think?


  1. fullofhype: That's it? Just "Yay"? What a lame-o winning comment. But, congratulations. I think I have your address. Will email later to confirm. *smooches*

  2. I met Barney Frank when I was a freshman in college. I didn't know there was ever a scandal apart from him coming out. He is actually a pretty decent politician, unlike that scum Craig.


  3. Perhaps the closeted are more drawn to conservative politics because they think it makes a good cover for their actual sexual desires.

    Sigh -- Lost again.

  4. the persian: I believe the scandal centered around his relationship with a male prostitute. I can't remember the details though.

    gayprof: Good point. I'm so glad I have smart internet friends like you! And, you're always a winner in my book! *smooch*

  5. I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THE COMPETITION! The one day that I have a life outside my "desk" area.. ah!

  6. Bossy thinks: t*o*t*a*l*l*y.

    Anyway, lucky thing these asses are running around going, "I'm not gay!" "I'm not gay!" because Bossy is pretty certain the Gay community doesn't want 'em.

  7. Anonymous4:01 PM

    There was some angry Republican screaming to Matt Lauer this morning about the liberal bias in the media since The Today Show was covering the Craig thing. hahaha. It was too funny.

  8. Being closeted is part of the whole Republican mystique. GUILT AND SHAME IS THE NEW PINK. If you're an uptight, right wing, "Christian" Republican.

  9. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Oh, that was Tom Delay on the Today Show this morning. Is that what he looks like?

  10. Congrats on the 1000th post!

  11. Congratulations! 1000 posts is an amazing statistic!