Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Like Ghost

Yesterday, I signed up for a pottery class at the University of Maryland! *woot*
It's a bargain - $150 for 10 2-hour sessions. I am so excited. I'm taking Introduction to Ceramics: Wheel Throwing, which I have learned is not this:

When I lived in Japan (from 1995-98), I took pottery lessons every other Wednesday afternoon. It was great fun. My sensei trained in Hagi, which just so happens to be the place where my favorite style of pottery is made! I never progressed above hand-building though. I tried the wheel once. It was a great success disaster.

When I returned to North Carolina, I signed up for a pottery class at a nearby community college. It was great fun. I learned to use the kick wheel, because I couldn't quite get the hang of controlling my speed on an electric wheel. What can I say? I have a lead foot.

Unfortunately, after making some (nearly) centered and (very) clunky cylinders, bowls and vases, I dropped the class and moved to China.

Now, almost 10 years later, I hear the siren call of the clay again. I can't wait.

PS. This is also not my 1000th post!


  1. I'm more than a little jealous right now. I've always wanted to learn to throw pots.

  2. I am jealous of your pottery class. I wish I had talent -- or at least basic hand-eye coordination.

  3. I've always wanted to pot. But I imagine, like with everything else, I would do a few things then repeat myself ad nauseum until I grew bored and quit. My pony has only ever known one trick at a time.

  4. So the pottery won out over the writing class! I want a hand thrown vuboq pot.

  5. the persian: it's all good practice for the soon-to-come 1000th post!

    mac: throwing pots is EASY. making them is hard.

    chelsea: language!

    gayprof: i am a firm believer that we all have special talents. i'll try to help you find yours sometime.

    E.C.: I understand that more than one trick at a time can be quite ... rewarding.

  6. cooper: gol-ding-it. i was just typing a response to everyone and you come and throw in another comment. If i make anything decent, you (and Mush) have dibs.

  7. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Oh, but VUBOQ! The wheel is so much fun...I've made tons of stuff. Not all of it was centered well, but all of it was pretty.

    Your sticksteven depiction made me laugh out loud. Is that wrong?