Friday, August 10, 2007

Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Christmas!

I've been wondering what to get my family for Christmas. I know, it seems early, but ... I can't think of anything to knit for them ... so I need some ideas for presents.

For my brother, I've been considering buying this book: The Dangerous Book for Boys.

For my parents, I may buy some gift cards from I *heart* the concept of micro-finance. I thought it would be a cool gift that keeps on giving, because, after the loans are repaid, my parents can reinvest it.

Y will be getting something knitted out of pretty blue yarn (his favorite color).

My two best friends from college will also be getting knitted goods. Isa will be getting the afghan (unless it's hideous) and Lori will be getting the bamboo scarf (also unless it's hideous). The more I look at the scarf in progress, the more masculine it seems. That should be OK, because Lori is not exactly the frilly feminine type.

I've knitted three felted belts, which are in various states of completion, for presents as well.

I wonder if I'll have to get the brother's girlfriend something.

The rest of you are getting my eternal love and devotion. Unless I win the lottery. Then, you're getting me as a houseguest. *heh*


  1. yarns are onsale at the rainforest site. do some shopping there and help save the world :)

  2. If you win the lottery, couldn't you afford to stay in hotels?

  3. dykewife: Thx for the head's up.

    gayprof: What are you saying? You don't want me as a houseguest? *sniff* So heartbroken.

  4. Eternal love and devotion is priceless. Can we get receipts please? ;)

  5. I would love to have you as a house guest. If only I had my own house for you to guest in!