Thursday, August 02, 2007


In a recent email conversation with the SuperFantastic Cuzin, Vuboq was asked how to bring the romance back into a relationship.

Ah. Such an important question.

Vuboq, he *hearts* romance. He also stops to think that perhaps he is not dating the most romantic man around. Exhibit A: Vuboq's gifts from Y's month-long trip to Israel: 1) The biggest luffah Vuboq has ever seen (it's a good 2 feet long) and 2) a half-pound of granola (very good, organic, homemade granola). Vuboq needs to investigate this further.

Anyway, Vuboq racked his tiny, little brain [remember, Vuboq is pretty, not thinky] and decided that a picnic would be ideal! In a park! Or in the backyard! On a cute red and white checkered blanket. With pita and hummus and olives! Lots of olives! And cheeses! And maybe baba ganouj! And dolmades! And a nice white wine! And, for dessert, watermelon and feta. Mmmm. And right at dusk, lighting some candles and watching the stars come out.


Vuboq thinks a picnic would be very romantic. Especially if someone prepared one for Vuboq. And maybe brought Vuboq some flowers.

So ... what do you think? How would you bring romance back into a relationship? And what is the most romantic date?


  1. the picnic is very romantic. i think there is no most romantic date. it all depends on the mood of the two people at that time and the level of intimacy. sometimes very little things can be romantic. when i was dating the husband he sometimes would cook lunch and dinner and bring them in a container to school if he knew that i was tired and stressed. i used to think it's romantic. but if he did it all the time i probably would not think it's romantic. sometimes a nice intimate conversation can be the perfect romantic thing.

  2. Recently, Justin and I had a Friday night date. We went to a favorite local Italian restaurant. After dinner, I stopped at a nearby liquor store and picked up some of the really cute, single serving bottles of pinot grigio.

    We took the wine and went downtown to walk along the banks of the Mississippi River in the moonlight.

  3. Clearly, you have not dated enough selfish jerks to appreciate the beauty of ANY gifts from afar!

    But, seriously, you are underestimating the sexy and romantic potential of the enormous loofah. Think a nice, warm bubble bath with candles and wine and the large loofah!(It is for scrubbing, right? Not like for curio displays and such?)

    Not that I'm knocking the picnic or anything! Indeed, if scheduled well, both could be done in the same day.

  4. You had me LMAO at the 2 foot long loofah and a half-pound of granola.

    It reminded me of the time my very first serious boyfriend gave me a cream and sugar bowl set for our first Christmas together.
    It was very artsy fartsy but, it was what it was......disappointing.

    My idea of a romantic date is something spontaneous.
    Where you and your boyfriend can be in a crowd, but be so involved with each other, you don't notice anything or anyone except each other.

  5. I don't know -- Getting naked?