Monday, April 21, 2008

The Return of Meat-Free Monday

My company was recently purchased by (or it merged with) another company. It's not supposed to affect us mindless minions in any way, but I'm sure the owner made a boatload of cash. Anyway, there is a company-wide meeting in downtown DC after work today to explain the merger/buyout/transition/whatever.

I am not going, because:
(a) my job ends at 5 (and that meeting goes on until 7),
(b) I will more than likely no longer be working for this company after June (or sooner *crosses fingers*), and
(c) I have pottery class.

(c) is the "official" excuse I gave my boss. Of course, the interesting thing is that I'm not going to pottery class tonight.

Yep. I'm going tomorrow because I don't think my final items will be out of the kiln tonight.


Since I will be home on a Monday night for the first time in ages, guess what? Experimental Meat-Free Monday Cooking will commence! YAY!

Why don't you join me*? Enjoy a delicious meat-free meal tonight AND help the environment. Food photos and description tomorrow (if it turns out to be any good).

For those of you who are new to the blog, here are some Flickr photos. I tried using the "search blog" function to find all my previous Meat-Free Monday posts, but the search function is full of teh sux. Since I didn't start using tags until recently, here are a couple of Meat-Free Monday sample entries:

Meat-Free Sunday (watermelon gazpacho)
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Meat-Free Monday: Bowl Full of Mud Edition (Carribean Black Bean soup)
First Ever Meat-Free Monday Post (Polenta Portobella)

Happy cooking!

*Figuratively. I'm not inviting both of you over to my house for dinner. I only bought one sweet potato.


  1. mathgirl4:31 PM

    Ooh, ooh, I am new :). I am having Meat-free Monday because I will probably end up eating cereal or an orange for dinner.

  2. Every day is Meat-Free Monday for me, already, and it's too far to drive over to your place anyway. Since I'm at work, it'll be a very boring M-FM, since all I have left here to eat are a couple of Morningstar Farms veggie burgers.

  3. Damn--I am reading this at 8:50 pm which means dinner for us was 10 minutes ago and, since hubby does the cooking now, you *know* it was based on some sort of pork product which (and I checked to be sure) doesn't qualify as meat free . . .

    Thanks for the invite anyway : )