Friday, April 11, 2008


Last night, Y came over and we watched Volver. It was very enjoyable. Of course, at one point, I tried to go to bed (during the movie), and Y wouldn't let me. So, I stayed up (later than normal) to watch the end.

After the movie, as I was getting ready for bed, Y asked, "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Going to work like most people do."




"Oh. Tomorrow is Friday. I forgot," Y said. "I'm sorry. I wouldn't have asked you to stay up to watch the movie if I had known."

OMG. Academics and their total lack of brains sometimes.

ANYWAY, not much going on. Certain people on the Board are driving me crazy. They are worried about rats and raccoons around our building. People, we live in the woods, near a large creek and park. We are going to get rats and raccoons and other various and sundry creatures of nature around our building. The trick is to keep them from coming inside the building. GAH. And I will not allow anyone to put strong rat poison out. Sorry.

Weekend plans so far are minimal. I'm going to be baking more cookies on Saturday. I think on Saturday morning I'm going to scatter the shade-loving wildflower seeds in the Chili Pepper Graveyard. Sunday, I need to go to the pottery studio. And that's about it.

More later, probably. *smooches*


  1. Strong rat poison keeps all but the first neighborhood kid out too.

  2. Also bear in mind that the Israeli weekend is Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday like in the US. That probably contributed to the brain fart.

  3. Also bear in mind that Y, whatever he good points, lives in a Y-centered universe.

  4. Rat Poison is evil. Evil, evil, evil. And you can tell them I said so.

  5. Bucko gets peeved about the dang squirrels that are always busting into the garage. I keep telling him that he must provide alternatives for the dang squirrels (this info via a long-ago comment at Deliver Us From Weasels), namely by supplying nesting boxes for them. Then they can have a nice, cozy place to have their dang babies without tearing holes in the garage eaves.

    So maybe you could start a nesting box program for your neighborhood rats and raccoons? Well, except that they're looking for food more than for nests.

    You probably shouldn't feed them.

    Forget I brought this up.