Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pity Party WINNARZ!!!

My camera batteries finally charged, so here's the exciting finale of our Tax Day Extravaganza: The WINNARZ of the Poor Bastages Who Owe the Tax Man Pity Party. First, the entrants:

All the names were put into the Official Non-Sponsor Bazura Bags Recycled Juice Boxes Bag:

And, FIRST Prize goes to ... [drum roll, please] ...

Congratulations, ANGIE!!!! *w00t*

And, SECOND Prize goes to ... [drum roll, please] ...

David! YAY! Congratulations!

Please email [environy(at)gmail(dot)com] your mailing addresses and (eventually) you will receive your SuperFantastic Yet-to-be-determined Prize Packages!

Thanks for playing, and we are all really, really sorry that you had to pay taxes this year. Srsly.


  1. Hurray! Congratulations to all! Can't wait to see the fabulous prizes. (You will show us, right? So we can slaver and covet?)

  2. DAMN! i was so hoping something good would come out of sending a check to the tax man...

    i guess not going to prison is my one good thing. argh...

    now, about this no alcohol in april thing...WHAT were you thinking?!

  3. I'z teh winnah! K thx bai!

    How cool. I'll send the info post-haste.