Friday, April 04, 2008

*le ugh*

VUBOQ is supposed to get a call about The Job either today or Monday. Well, there are 33 minutes left in "today" and there has been no Call.

Which means that, even though VUBOQ realizes that He could get a call on Monday, VUBOQ is totally panicking and knowing that they don't want to hire Him. Because, really, if they had totally loved VUBOQ wouldn't they be calling as soon as possible?

[And, why does it smell like rotten eggs all of a sudden?]

A weekend of being depressed and thinking the worst, when VUBOQ would have much rather spent shopping for a cute new shirt and tie to wear with his suit. What fun.



  1. Nothing is over until it's over. And besides, you're VUBOQ. How could anyone be better?

  2. Go shopping anyway. It's not like a boy can't use a nice shirt and tie.

  3. My employers did the same to me. They were going to let me know by the Friday after I interviewed. I didn't hear from and spent the weekend feeling all disappointed and hopeless. On Monday I called to cheerfully touch base and they told me they were waiting for the head honcho to come back to town to make their final decision. Short story long--I totally got the job! You will too : )

  4. So as Goblinbox so rightly points out, why the hell can't you go out and buy a new suit/tie in any case?

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Of course they love you! I mean, come on now.

    What did you think about Sweeney Todd? Lani and I went and saw it in theater. Oh, the gore! But it was still brilliant.

  6. Just popping in to say "hi." Repeat after me "awesome jobs, come easily and frequently..." just keep saying it aloud. Law of attraction. It really works.

    Good luck!!!

  7. They just HAVE to like you. How could they not? Remember, too, that it's (or was) Friday. They want to go home and deal with loose ends like hiring people on Monday.