Friday, April 04, 2008

Weekendery Fun

Major disappointment. Y told me last night that the party on Sunday is not a bris. Boo. Hiss. I was so looking forward to that. I had even come up with the Perfect Bris Gift. Here is a rather imperfect rendition of my idea (to be printed on a baby t-shirt):Get it?

The rest of my weekend plans are ...

Tonight, Y and I are going on a date. He's taking me to Udupi Palace, which is a vegetarian Indian place in Langley Park. YUM. This is part of my birthday gift, btw. Then, we are coming back to my place to watch Sweeney Todd (finally).

Tomorrow, I was planning to do some yard work: cleaning up the garden plot, weeding, spreading some compost, scattering wildflower seeds, etc. etc. etc. However, the weather is not looking like it wants to cooperate (rain! blah!). If it rains, I may spend the day on the sofa knitting and watching movies. Not that that's a bad thing ...

Sunday, Y and I are having brunch with one of his friends from NYC. Then, we're going to the Not-Bris Party. I was hoping to go to the pottery studio, but I don't think that will happen. Maybe I'll stay late on Monday night or something instead.

Also, I received an email in my Flickr account that a photo I took is being considered for the Schmap East Coast Guide. I have no idea what that is or what it means, but this is the photo:
Flickr link

More later (perhaps). *smooches*


  1. If it's not a bris, what is the point of going?

  2. Eep, Sweeney Todd. Love the musical, but for me the movie was a little too bloody (and then almost comically so). I guess seeing it in the theater on the big screen made my squeamishness worse.

    Congrats. Schmap is a travel website with different city guides. I haven't used it much, but a few of my Flickr photos are in there somewhere.

  3. Udupi is fabulous.

    Hello neighbor!

  4. South Indian, yum! I haven't had a dosa in forever.