Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Someone Went All the Way to the Pottery Studio ...

... and all he got was a big pile of NOTHING.

Yesterday was an exercise in frustration.

I got to the pottery studio around 4:15, and the kiln was on. There were no new bisque pieces on the shelves. There were shelves full of pieces to be glaze-fired, and the greenware shelves were empty. Using my amazing powers of deduction, I concluded that all of my pieces were in the still on kiln.

Of course, this made no sense, because we had received an email from the studio manager stating that the last bisque firing would be Monday. Given that there were no new pieces on the shelves to be glazed, the kiln was not even fired on Monday.

Which pissed me off. I made a special trip to the school to glaze my work based on information the studio manager provided. And it was wasted. Grrrr.

I will probably be heading back to the studio today to glaze my final 6 (or 7?) pieces. Carolyn is going to call the studio this afternoon to verify that the kiln has been emptied. She will call (or email) me to let me know, and I will either go to the studio or go home to do laundry. Fun times.

Of course, all this pseudo-drama made me a little cranky. Which I took out on Y. And he was doing his best to pick. at. my. every. nerve.* I reciprocated. Eventually we made up and had dinner.

Dinner was excellent, btw (if I do say so myself). Using the leftover ingredients from the Matzagna!, I made little matzoh pizzas (with the tomato sauce, spinach, and mozzarella). Then, I tossed bowtie pasta with a mixture of the arugula spinach pesto, ricotta cheese, and grated parmesan.

Much better than the previous evening's cooking disaster of epic proportions.

I guess that's about it. More later. *smooches*

*btw, even though Y and I have had a couple of arguments recently, I don't think that we are arguing a lot. Both of us have been a bit more stressed than usual [Him with school. Me with job uncertainty]. Personally, I think it's a bit healthier to argue (in a civil manner) than to keep it all bottled in.


  1. You might be feeling more cranky because of the lack of liquor. I am not sayin', I am just sayin'.

  2. Good to know the arguements are just letting off steam, not problematic. Sometimes a good verbal sparring session, if conducted fairly, can be fun. As long as you fight fair.

    I hope you can get your pottery done tonight.

  3. Good luck with the pottery. I hate it when a business advertises something and then doesn't follow through. GAH.
    I am quitting smoking. I would like to argue with EVERYONE.

  4. Matza and pasta at the same meal? Sacrilege!

  5. david: I know. I'm such a bad Jew.

  6. Y is a saint. I bet you're CRANKY when you're cranky. ;-)