Monday, April 14, 2008

Tax Day Eve!

As you sit there, rumpled, in need of a shave, surrounded by adding machine tape* and coffee-stained files and chewed pencil erasers and forms with odd names like S-4B/2104: Withholding Allowance for Pet Apes Who Eat Only Organic Bananas, and you're thinking "Where in the hell did I put that Organic Banana receipt," there is a bright spot, a beacon of hope.

On the horizon!
Do you see it?
Glistening in the distance?
Beckoning you to move towards the light?

What could it be? You squint, and, yes, it's ... it's ...

It's the Last day to enter VUBOQ's 10% Refund Challenge ~or~ the Poor Bastages Who Owe the Tax Man Pity Party!

You have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to either leave a comment or email. There will be prizes and fun! And, most importantly, dogooderyness!!!! Don't wait. Enter NOW!!!

Drawing to be held April 15th (possibly around 7PM).
Employees of not eligible to win.

*and the children born after 1985 think "What?"


  1. whew! good thing i was born in 1984 because i know what adding machine tape is :-)

    oh how i hope i win. having to pay for the first time really sucks. even if it is just $65

  2. At my first office job, I used a typewriter (electric!) with carbon paper. And an adding machine. But that's nothing. Just a few years later, at my first "computer" job, I filled in circles on little cards that I then fed into the card reader so it could enter the data into the computer. Eventually, I was allowed to type directly on the machine, which had no monitor, just a ginormous stack of green and white striped paper which fed through and provided a printout of everything I'd entered. Wheeeee! Good times.