Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update: Gray Skies Edition

Happy Monday, Kittens! Are you like me and *so* not wanting to be at work today? I hope so!

After quite a rocky start here at Harvard, my weekend improved significantly. Steve's Naturalization Party in Way-Out Suburubia was way fun. Perhaps, I'll be posting pictures later (assuming he sends some out). The brief hiatus from Alcohol-Free April was well worth it ...

Except for the hangover Sunday morning. So. Painful. Fortunately, the Co-op Board had planned a Yard Work Day, which motivated me (and another slightly hungover co-op resident) to get off our sofas and do a little yard work. We weeded. Raked. Spread mulch. A good time was had by all.

Then, another neighbor (who took pottery this session) and I drove over to the pottery studio to pick up our final pieces for the term. Here's a photo:

The rest are on flickr. Go look.

In other news, Dad has returned home and seems to be recovering nicely. Thanks for your good thoughts.

More later. *smooches*

UPDATE: Party Photo Stolen from Tomokito:


  1. I love those mugs! Be sure to let me know when you start offering your work for sale - I'll be first in line.

  2. Those are great! Exactly, you should sell/auction some of your stuff. I'd buy too! ;-)

  3. anne marie in philly1:08 PM

    yeah, what mac and jeff said!

    see, you ARE qualified for a job out there!

    and great news about your dad much better can it get?

    oh yeah, it IS monday...blah