Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update: Matzagna Edition!

Good rainy Monday morning, kittens!

Is the weather gettin' you down? Well, take heart! Here is a fun-filled recap of my Fabulicious Weekend:

Lessee ... Friday, I ditched work early to go to the pottery studio. I managed to trim three mugs and attach the handles before I was kicked out at 5. Then, I headed over to Y's for teh buttsecks. Then, we got into an argument because he wanted me to stay over, even though I had clearly told him that I would come over for teh buttsecks after leaving the studio; HOWEVER, I needed to go home because I had things to do there on Saturday morning. He didn't remember the part which came after the however. Stupid selective memories.

Anyway, I won.

We went to dinner at some Thai place on Greenbelt Road. It was not very good. After dinner, we drove over to my house.

Saturday morning, after lots of teh buttsecks I fixed a quick breakfast, cleaned a bit, worked awhile in the yard, packed my bags, and we headed back to his place so I could bake the Matzoh Lasagna (heretofor referred to as Matzagna!).

The Matzagna! was super easy to make (if a bit messy, but I left the dishes for Y to do). Here's the final product:

[There are a couple of "process pictures" on Flickr].

Around 6:15, we left for his friends' house and the Passover Seder. Of course, we got into an argument ... I wanted to put the Matzagna! on the back seat. Y wanted it in the trunk (because it might spill all over his precious backseat). I was like it might spill all over your head if you make me put it in the trunk.

Considering that the Matzagna! was in a dish with a tight fitting lid, wrapped in a towel, and in a bag, I didn't think worrying about it spilling was a major concern. Wrong. So, I put the Matzagna! on the floor board underneath my seat.


Vuboq was v. v. hungry by the time the surprisingly delicious Matzagna! was brought out. We left around 11, using the excuse that I was tired (rather than saying one of the other dinner guests* was driving me bat-shit crazy and if we had stayed there any longer I may have had to poke his eyes out with my fork).

Sunday morning after lots of teh buttsecks, Y noticed the odd matching bruises on my shoulders (see photo in previous entry). It would seem that I am ... delicate.

Around noon, I went to the pottery studio, intending to trim/attach the handle to the final mug and glaze a vase. Instead, I ended up staying for 5 hours to use up all of my clay. I threw two more vases and a bowl-like thing. Since today is the last bisque firing, I am hoping they will be dry enough to go in the kiln (without exploding).

Carolyn drove me home. I ate good cheese and olives and a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. I watched a movie. I knitted. I went to bed early.

All in all, a very good weekend.

AND, with all the rain we are getting, my wildflowers, marigolds, and Thai basil seeds are ALL sprouting! YAYZ!

More later. *smooches*

*He was one of those people who [thinks he] knows everything about everything and has to tell everyone he knows everything about everything very loudly. The final straw was when he started correcting his girlfriend as she was discussing her research.


  1. Depends on what kind of seder you attend. My assimilated extended family seders last all of a 1/2 an hour. Real orthodox seders last upwards of 5 hours. I've only been to one.

    I'll say it again: You had more buttsecks this past weekend then I've had in almost a year.

  2. Perspective, perspective, perspective. (Also, eyeglasses, eyeglasses, eyeglasses.) Before I embiggened the Matzagna! I kept seeing it (peripherally) as a nice, comfy pillow (in autumn palette pillow case) standing on edge.

    But it looks super-tasty embiggened. My mouth waters.

  3. Now I crave Matzagna.

    There was a lot of arguing and buttsecks happening this past weekend. Is the arguing some type of foreplay?

  4. Watch the progress of those bruises carefully. If they don't fade soon, seek medical attention. But you probably already know that.

    This * person has a girlfriend? How? And how long? If she's got any cahones at all she won't be his girlfriend for long.

  5. The bruises are from what? His thumbs? Finger tips? The sling? What the hell are you two doing? DETAILZ, BITCHES.

    (Finding bruises on yourself after the good secks IS awfully hawt, innit?)