Friday, April 11, 2008

Um. Oops.

What was I just saying about academics and their total lack of brains?

It would seem that someone, who shall remain nameless [Here's a hint: It starts with a "V" and rhymes with "BUBOQ"], left the apartment this morning and locked the deadbolt. The thing is: One needs a key to unlock the deadbolt from inside the apartment. Y was TRAPPED! Fortunately, he found a spare key ... which I didn't know existed ... on some random key chain. Interesting. I am hoping it was a correct key and he didn't break the lock.

Oh, and the Co-Op Rat Drama is giving me a headache.


  1. LMAO! "I told you to stay PUT!"

  2. Wow. The lengths some people will go to to avoid having the "I think you should have a key to my place" discussion.

  3. You locked your lovah into your apartment? *hahaha!* That's cute.

  4. Ain't it the way? I criticize someone (Superman, usually) for some typical brain-fart kind of thing, and it pretty much guarantees I'll fuck up something stupid with in the week.

    Write a story about the Co-op Rat Drama, submit it to a publisher, get a book deal, make a bazillion dollars (like Stephen King, you know) and the whole thing will have a different perspective for you. And then you can move to a less ratty community if you so choose. Just a thought.