Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hmmm ....

The salto spread thinly on bread with hummus and spinach made a fairly decent sandwich.

On impulse, I bought a book from Amazon.com, American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau, edited by Bill McKibben, foreward by Al Gore. I read the review in today's WaPo and thought, "This is a book I should have." So I bought it. Interesting that I left a comment about one of Bill McKibben's books on GayProf's blog yesterday (or was it the day before?).

I still want to buy a couple of t-shirts, but I'm waiting to see if the April budget will allow the purchases. I think it might. Not consuming alcohol for an entire month tends to be a great way to save money (especially if you drink like a vuboq).

In case you're interested (and live in housing built before 1978), EPA promulgated a final rule today which requires firms/individuals hired to do renovation/repair/painting to provide owners/tenants with information regarding the hazards of lead-based paint and to post information as well. This becomes effective on June 23rd. Additionally, by 2010, all individuals and firms doing renovation/repair/painting in pre-1978 housing will have to be certified and follow specific work practices.

Fascinating. You can read the regulation here. Or get the basics here.

I'm leaving work today at 3:30. HUZZAH!


  1. I knew that I shouldn't have been using that flaking paint as a substitute for potato chips.

  2. i know that potatoes are used to reduce salt in soups, perhaps adding it to mashed potatoes, like using it as a flavouring agent, will help to reduce the nasty oversaltiness. or it could be unrescuable unless it's added to a much larger recipe.

    here's a lesson about adding salt to the palm of your hand first and then adding that to the dish rather than directly to a dish...i know, hindsight and all that.

  3. This is a good thing, especially considering Maine has the highest proportion of pre-1950's home sin the country. I have treated a few lead poisoning cases in my day - invariably associated with renovations.