Friday, April 25, 2008

The People Have Spoken ...

... And it certainly was interesting to see/read what you had to think concerning my Alcohol-Free April.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling cranky today.

I haven't heard anything from the job recruiter, even though she said she would contact me Wednesday or Thursday. I'll probably shoot her an email after lunch. I'd rather not have to sit through the whole weekend without knowing any additional information.

Also, people who don't read are driving me BATTY. There is going to be a public meeting at EPA next week, which was announced in the Federal Register. In the announcement it clearly states who to contact if you want to attend the meeting. It is not us. We are listed as a contact for general information (which, naturally, no one has provided us). However, guess who about 15 people in the past few days have contacted to request to attend the meeting?

Here's a hint: US.

I really want to reply to their emails much more snarkily than I am.

Fortunately, there are little things which brighten my day ... like when I am doing boring, repetitive data entry, I have to enter the information from CHINA. Our database (for some odd reason) doesn't allow me to enter CHINA as the country. So, instead, I enter all calls and email from CHINA as TAIWAN. *hehe*

Lots of fun weekend activities coming up ...
More later. *smooches*


  1. We are, apparently, a bunch of Calvinists. Except, of course, for that louche voluptuary GayProf.

  2. People don't read AND they don't listen. In order to leave me a message at my office, people have to listen to my full name and title, and they still leave messages for other people and departments.