Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Meat-Free Monday: Bowl Full of Mud Edition

For Meat-Free Monday last night, I made a simple soup from Lorna Sass' Short-Cut Vegetarian cookbook. Of course, I loaned the cookbook to Mike several months ago, so I had to call him to get the recipe. I remembered all the ingredients, but I couldn't remember if I needed to add water (I did).

Here's the recipe:

2.5 cups water
1 can coconut milk
1 can diced tomatoes with chili (undrained)
1 box Fantastic Foods Instant black beans
salt/pepper to taste
chili sauce (like Tabasco) to taste (I didn't have any Tabasco, so I used red curry paste)
frozen corn (optional)
[You can also add a cup or so of cooked rice to make it a little heartier]

Bring water, coconut milk, diced tomatoes to a boil. Slowly add instant beans. Add corn. Simmer until corn is heated.


This is what it looked like:


I also had cornbread with it.

Then, I put up Christmas lights and my purple tinsel Christmas tree. I watched some DVDs and I knitted. In fact, I've *almost* finished another pair of knittens - only the right thumb left to do. YAY!

At some point, I need to start on my Christmas cards. Why am I so unmotivated this year? WHY?

Tonight, I'm going to get my hair cut. Afterwards, I'm meeting Robert for dinner in Woodley Park.

I need to vacuum my apartment when I get home.

And clean the bathroom. I bet those things don't happen though.

updated to note: I also attempted to make Hot Buttered Rum last night, using the recipe Cooper left in my comments. Except I left the recipe at work and I didn't want to make 15 servings. So I ended up throwing what I could remember of the ingredients in very small amounts into a sauce pan. The end result: Not that bad, but, when it cooled off, it was exceedingly gross.



  1. Oh that looks (and the ingredients sound) amazing! YUM :)

  2. Well, I'm glad it wasn't all exeedingly gross! I only make it in a large batch for a gathering of friends. I've never tried to create a single serving.

    That soup sounds wonderful! I've saved the recipe. I also LOVE cornbread. I could probably eat it every day.

    I've decorated, but haven't put my tree up yet. I'll probably head out into the woods to choose a little one this weekend. Please post pictures of your purple tree!

  3. the persian: it was YUM! And, I have loads leftover, if you want to fly down for dinner.

    cooper: I tried to take pictures of my purple tree last night, but my little cellphone camera wasn't up to the task. I need to take the photo during daylight hours. I'll try to get a picture up in the next few days.

  4. Like a hot affair: when it cools off, it can be exceedingly gross. Hah!

  5. I have another groovy coconut milk soup recipe, Thai-based I think, that you'd enjoy. And quick and easy. I'll try to remember to dig it up for you.