Friday, April 25, 2008

Things Aren't Always Sunny in Vutopia

I didn't get the job.
My dad is having emergency back surgery in about 2 hours.
All I want to do is go home and crawl into bed, but I have to stay at work 'til 5.
Trying not to cry in the office is making my head hurt.


  1. I hope your dad recovers quickly.

    Too bad about the job, but you made it really far.. so that's a good thing. It was just some bad luck.

  2. I'm with Bala Wala Shi. There will be a better opportunity coming. It's their loss. And I hope your dad will get well soon.

  3. mathgirl1:00 PM


    I'm sorry about the job :(

    Please consider reading the following book for your dad: The Mindbody Prescription, by John Sarno.


  4. sorry to hear about your dad and the job.. sending good vibes your way. *hugs*

  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear both those things. I do believe the job thing will work out and I'm thinking good thoughts for your dad.


  6. Anonymous2:05 PM

    F***** them at that job
    Concentrate on your Dad now, that's what is important


  7. Smoochies, babe.

  8. That sucks. Squared.

    Big hug. Squared.

  9. Oh, shit! I'm so sorry.

    *huge hugs*

  10. Oh, I'm sorry you didn't get the job. :( I've been rooting for you. What a huge disappointment.

    I'll be praying for your dad. Please give us updates on his condition.

  11. i'm sorry about your dad. i hope he recovers quickly.

    sucks about the job. maybe this is a sign that you need to go back and get your phd. or a sign that something even greater is coming your way. i'll keep on sending reiki for that.

  12. Why is your dad's surgery an ER and what kind of surgery is it (if that's not asking too much--seeing how we're so close and all : ) Please do update us.

    Sucks about the job! Suspend alcohol free April for one evening. It's time for a cocktail!

  13. Oh no, oh no!
    Healing vibes to your dad.
    So, clearly those job losers were not worthy of you, and there must be something better coming. XOXO Sorry, dude, I know you really wanted it. :-(

  14. (((VUBOQ and Dad)))) (those are cyber hugs, I think) I'll keep him in my thoughts.

    About the job, fuck 'em. You'll get something better. When it rains it pours. xoxo, SG

  15. Sorry to hear about your father. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

    The right job will come along.

  16. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I'm sorry about the job. And about your dad!

  17. anne marie in philly5:24 AM

    aww, you have had your share of disappointments this week.

    sending good karma to your dad.

    and sending bad karma to those f-heads who wouldn't hire you.