Sunday, April 20, 2008

All of Them?

This sign made me laugh today ...

This didn't...

Apparently, some of my weekend activities were a little rougher than normal.


  1. irisgirl6:28 PM

    Just what kind of Passover Seder did you and Y attend?

  2. How did your matzah lasagna turn out? xoxo, SG

    PS: You always have the hardest verification words !

  3. hehehehe

    nice battle mark, babe ;-)

    also, what the hell possessed you to give up alcohol for the whole month?!

    and no, the martini was your average piss ant size martini. yeah...i know, what a rip. but damn it was good! (the events after the bar were pretty good too hehe)

  4. Please. Everybody knows there aren't that many tops in DC.