Tuesday, April 01, 2008

6 Words of Separation

This is what happens when you open your home to wandering bloggers: You start to get tagged for memes ... and then FIVE DAYS LATER realize that you've been tagged. So, Confessions of a Marathon Mom did taggeth me for the 6 Words Memoir Meme (See?). The rules are:

Sum up my life in six words. No more, no less.
The loophole is you can write as many of these six word sentences as you want.

Oooh. Fun. No? Thank gawd I don't have to tag 6 people or say my 6 favorite types of cheese or how I'm 6 degrees of separation from Peter Cetera (actually, I'm only 3, which puts me 4 away from, OM-forking-G, CHER!!!!).

I seem to be rambling ... so here's (a part of my) life in Six Word Sentences:

I, Vicious Unrepentant Bitter Old Queen.
Am *way* cooler than I, Claudius.
I don't know what that means.
Having never actually watched I, Claudius.
Someone said it was good though.
Someone said I was good too.
Of course, then he slept with a long-haired skinny twenty-something twink with bad skin.
That was more than six words.
Cheating Cheater who Cheated Cheatfully sucks.
Not that I'm bitter ... oh ... wait.

My life isn't all bitter bile.
Last night, I made a vase.
Saturday, I made chocolate chip cookies.
Sometimes, I knit with nice yarn.
My kitty sleeps in my bed.
I find happiness in small things.
[And buttsecks, lots of buttsecks *heh*].

The End.

I usually don't tag people, but I'm making an exception and tagging my New Blog Crush, ShallowGal!!! *w00t* Be the Hot Tranny Mess. Love the Hot Tranny Mess!

More later (including a report on Alcohol-Free April: The First Morning). *smooches*


  1. Lord how Bossy misses you. Couldn't you just have quit your job and come along?

    By the way, Y was lovely.

  2. Score one for the hot tranny mess ! I've been thinking in 6 word sentences all day, but you are a tough act to follow ! xoxo, SG

  3. I read that the hardcore version is only six words, period.