Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Birth of VUBOQ as Re-Enacted by Gay Bears, Part I

In a recent email conversation with David, I realized that I have never explained the origins of my name (or if I had, I've forgotten, so you're just going to have to read it again, kittens).

Without further ado, I give you a new Weekend Serial:

The Birth of VUBOQ as Re-Enacted by Gay Bears (and a virus or two)

Part I: The Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

The role of VUBOQ will be played by:

Jesus Christ (aka Buzzy)

The role of the Ex-BFF will be played by:

Syphilis (which is surprisingly fitting)

The role of the Ex-BFF's friend (whose name I have forgotten) will be played by:

birthofvuboq 004

The role of the SuperCute Shop Assistant Manager will be played by:

birthofvuboq 002
Muhammad (aka Buddy)

Stay Tuned next week for Part II: The Dinner


  1. Ooh, awesome! Can. Not. Wait. :)

  2. Oh, this is gonna be good! I can tell. Last time we had a story featuring Jesus Christ and Muhammad it was very good. Mononucleosis and Syphilis look like shifty characters.

  3. Jesus Christ/Buzzy/VUBOQ is the cutest! Especially when embiggened.

  4. Squee! I love plushie diseases!

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    You can't leave everyone hanging till NEXT WEEK!!

    word verification: fqosx

    -Anonymous admirer of the blog

  6. This is the Best Idear EVAR. Can't wait!

  7. Damn! I'm with Anon--you can't leave us hanging until NEXT WEEKEND!!!

    A long time ago I did a post on the characters populating my head. Why, oh why didn't I illustrate using stuffed animals?

  8. And all this time I assumed you got the name from your parents.

    Mononucleosis is cute. My daughter names all her stuffed animals after STDs.

  9. This should be interesting.

  10. I can't believe I've never asked!!