Friday, April 04, 2008

Family Trees

An anonymous commenter asked:

What does 1st cousin once removed mean anyways??!!

Luckily for all of you, I used to have to explain this sort of thing when I was teaching genetics to my biology students (many, many moons ago). So, using the StickSteven Family Tree, let's learn about cuzins! *w00t*

This is my family tree:
(dashed lines mean future/imaginary relationships)
(you may need to click to embiggen)

As you can see, StickSteven has StickGrandparents, StickParents, and a StickUncle and StickAunt.

The children of StickSteven's StickUncle and StickAunt are StickSteven's StickCuzins (StickFirstCuzins, if you will).

The children of StickSteven's StickFirstCuzins are his StickFirstCuzinsOnceRemoved.

The children of StickSteven's StickFirstCuzinsOnceRemoved are his StickFirstCuzinsTwiceRemoved.

Do you see how that works?

Now, it gets fun. Since StickSteven is a genetic deadend. Let's pretend that his StickBrother gets bizzay with his StickGirlfriend. Their StickChild (StickSteven's StickNephew/Niece) [Letter D] and StickSteven's StickFirstCuzinOnceRemoved [Letter B] would be StickSecondCuzins.

If the StickSecondCuzins procreate, their offspring [Letters C and E] would be StickThirdCuzins.
Letters B and E would be StickSecondCuzinsOnceRemoved.

Let's Review, using the Letters ...

StickSteven and A are StickFirstCuzins.
A and D are StickFirstCuzinsOnceRemoved.
B and D are StickSecondCuzins.

Is everyone clear on the concept? Good, because it's ...


Fill in the Blanks.

1. C and E are ____________________.
2. E and A are _____________________.
3. C and D are _____________________.
4. StickBrother and A are ___________________.
5. If C has a child, that child would be StickSteven's _________________________.


6. StickSteven is _____________________________.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Oh, that clears everything up doll !! Now let me go some paper and my glasses and figure out this pop quiz,,,LOL


  2. 1. StickThirdCuzins
    2. StickFirstCuzinsTwiceRemoved
    3. StickSecondCuzinsOnceRemoved
    4. StickFirstCuzins
    5. SuperCuteFirstCuzinThriceRemoved
    6. Let's hear it for genetic deadends!

    So what do I win?

  3. i'm really wondering about stick unclean d aunt... it has me very bothered. (and i know it's really stick uncle and aunt)

    do i post my answers here? i'm gonna. and everyone is gonna want to cheat off me - cuz i'm so right. and even if i'm not i'm so confident they are gonna think i'm right.

    1. third cousins

    2. 1st cousins twice removed

    3. 1st cousins once removed

    4. cousins

    5. 1st cousin thrice removed

    6. you! or my brother. one or the other.

    perhaps you wanted funnier answers. or something much shorter in your comments... hmmmm..

    can i ask a bonus question?? who in the fabulous stick family could legally get married and in what states???

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I got the same answers as Mel,,,except for #5,,,very confused.

    I recently highlighted my hair Blonde and have been experincing some of the effects!!


  5. Vuboq, this has to be one of my favourite entries of all time :)

  6. 1. NOT supposed to procreate TOGETHER
    2. first cousins twice removed
    3. second cousins once removed
    4. first cousins
    5. first cousins thrice removed (cuz thrice is a cool word)
    6. fantabulous.

  7. My brain hurts. I just want to know which one is cuter than Baby Jesus (or is that actually the answer to #6)?

  8. For #3 I meant second cuzins once removed. I said twice in the email. This really is a fun post. You should torture us like this more often.

    I hope you have a good time on your date tonight.

  9. damn, that was confusing! 'round here we just call each other cousin.

    i need a drink...