Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Alcohol-Free April, Day One

Last night, I found myself in front of my refrigerator vermouth in one hand, chilled martini glass in the other, when I remembered, "Alcohol-Free April."


It's going to be a long, long month. How did everyone else do?

Last night for dinner, I made a really weird salad, involving mushroom, onions, and chili peppers sauteed in raspberry vinagrette and then served over mixed greens with warm pita. It wasn't bad, but I won't be making it again.

Then, DUN, DUN's bf, and SCGB came down for chocolate tofu pie. It tasted a lot better than it did at Y's party. I don't know exactly why. Perhaps because (1) I knew it wasn't going to be sweet and (b) I wasn't distracted by 60 gabillion other choco-choices. Delicious.

My plans for today, beside suffering through work, include buying Sweeney Todd on DVD and attacking Mount Laundry. Srsly. Dirty laundry is overtaking my bedroom. Blame it on weeks of houseguests and only one working washing machine in our laundry room. Now, the houseguests are gone (*sniff*) and the other washing machine has been fixed (*yay*). At last, I can make a dent in the pile of clothes and sheets and towels.

Oh! Yesterday, Whole Foods had "locally-grown" herbs on sale 2 for $5. They had lots of mint, but I opted to buy Hot and Spicy Oregano. It looks lovely. I shall plant it outside this weekend. Probably beside the Parsley That Will Not Die. I should take a picture of the PTWND. It's huge.

I'm hoping to get the little garden plot tidied up this weekend. Then, I can plant the flower seeds I bought a few weeks ago - wildflowers, cosmos, marigolds! I need to get the Thai Basil started soon, too.

One of Y's friends gave us a couple of chili pepper plants, one serrano and one thai, the other day. Maybe I'll put those by the PTWND as well. It seems to be a lucky spot, at least for parsley. Maybe I'll go back to Whole Foods and buy some mint today. Mmm. Mint-infused vodka.


  1. Seems like maybe dreaming about mint infused vodka is counterproductive to alcohol-free april...
    One year on a whim I got a cinnamon basil. I haven't the foggiest idea how to cook with that (my cooking skills stay within the confines of the red and white checked cookbook) but it smelled WONDERFUL.

  2. Almost nothing beats the scent of fresh mint. I am craving tiny steamed new potatoes with butter and fresh mint ... Mmmmm.

    I am envious of all those who can actually plant in spring. Our earth is too frozen here, and will be until the end of May ... or later.

  3. No drinks for GayProf -- Sigh. I never said, though, that I was fully on-board. It might be a liver-resting week.

    Today, MFT has a strange orange fire ball that is floating in the sky. I wonder what it is...

  4. It was the perfect day for a beer on the deck but I resisted ! Why'd you pick on of these long months? Next year go for February. xoxo, SG

  5. I loved meeting you at Bossy's thing. I admire your alkyfree month...although I am enjoying some Chardonnay right now as I read. I agree with amy on the short month thing! **sparkly sweatered red head**

  6. One word of caution about mint. If you think the PTWND is big, just plant some mint. And stand back. That stuff grows like a weed. But at least it smells good. I've seen/smelled chocolate mint. It is quite pleasant.

  7. You can make tons of tabboli (or tabouli or tabbouleh) with the PTWND. Yum!

  8. I'm already overcompensating by using booze in cooking--the alcohol burns off but I get to pretend that it's still there.

    Can't you just make pesto with the parsley?