Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gregor Samsa Has Left the Building

During my break, I had to run to the store to buy wax to take to the pottery studio*. On my way to the elevators, I saw this:

Mmm. Tasty.

In other news, the director of our division is coming in this afternoon to talk to us about a severance package/bonus, if we agree to stay until the end of the contract. It will be interesting to hear the offer.

*We use melted wax to coat the bottoms of our pieces to resist glaze. An unglazed bottom doesn't stick to the kiln. One of my classmates pointed out that there wasn't much wax left and suggested it might be a good idea to bring in my own "just in case."

Given the inconsistent actions of the studio manager, I felt that was a valid suggestion.


  1. What the hell is that? A cockroach?!

  2. What is that thing? It looks like a fishing fly.

  3. An unglazed bottom doesn't stick...
    Good to know. :)

    There is some weird optical illusion going on with that pic. It might be the lighting in the room I'm in, or the pattern on the carpet in the photo. When I look at the paragraph below the picture, the legs on that bug seem to wiggle. When I look directly at it, no movement. What's up with that?

  4. I think you will have to explain what that is... It looks like one of those bugs from Men In Black (the first one)