Monday, April 28, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone

Except it hasn't.
It's still here. I can tell.
Lurking behind that big bush over there.
Sneaky rain.

In other news, it's Meat-Free Monday! You can help out the environment by enjoying a Meat-Free Meal today! Won't that be fun?

This is what I'm going to attempt to make: Japanese Noodles with Bok Choy and Tofu. Like, OMG, I'm going to follow a recipe (mostly). What the fork up with that? Hmm...

Also, PeskyMac is organizing a One Local Summer Challenge hosted by her Farm to Philly blog. I'm thinking a One Local Summer Meat-Free Monday Challenge might be fun! Are you with me? Or against me? [Hopefully, if you're a SuperHot guy, you're against me. *rowr*] Either way, I strongly encourage you to participate [it doesn't have to be Meat-Free, but it would make me happy if it were :-)].

La la la. Now, go look at my pottery again (almost an entire year's worth!). Tell me. What's your favorite piece and why?



  1. Can't say I'll be doing the meat-free Mondays, but I did join a local co-op farm and will be enjoying farm fresh produce all summer while supporting local farmers.

  2. Not with you on the meat-free thing - the DH is a carnivore and might shrivel and die if he couldn't eat critters.
    HOWEVER, I am planting a garden so I'm going to have at least a *leetle* local produce!

  3. I love the curlique vase! It's looks very fancy. Everything looks great.
    I'm up for meat-free monday challenge!

    P.S: Where's my super fantastic secret prize taxe donation thingy thing?

  4. Heather Outside Boston2:36 PM

    Oooh, pitcher2 -- really nice proportions, and the glaze is fun. I can see it with cream for the coffee, or syrup for the waffles.

    And pitcher3, the one without a handle -- the drippy blue glaze looks like waves, and I'm all about water. It looks perfect for sake.

  5. Hey, I actually will have a Meat-Free Monday today (beans and tortillas for dinner). I usually have a couple meat-free days through the week, but rarely plan them out far enough to make it Monday in particular.

    I like any of your pottery that with the blue and white glaze. That color combination appeals to me.

  6. Actually, the rain is pouring out of the sky. Wait, you meant metaphorically, didn't you? Like the syphillis in the parsley.

    Meat-free: hee!

    I can't choose which piece I like best because they are all so pretty. Maybe the square mugs, because they are particularly unique. And they can hold coffee. Mmmm, coffee.

  7. The rain is here. In Maine. Pouring down and cold.

    In our house every day is MFM. Plus I'm going to have a vegetable garden again this year!

    I can't pick a fave pottery piece, srsly. I heart the ones with blue glaze because I heart blue. I heart the faux corningware because it's a really nice dish and you done good on it. I heart the brown mugs because they are squarish like me. I guess I'm just easy.

  8. You are so amazing! I. Love. It. All.

    Yay for me, it is NOT raining here. Or snowing. Just melting.

  9. My fave is still the Corningware, and in a stunning coincidence, my birthday is coming up. I'm just saying.

    We belong to a CSA so I'm totally signing up for One Local Summer (but I'll do it on the weekend, Monday nights are swim meets) xoxo, SG

  10. I love the very sensuous shape to your first vase, but my favorites are the square top mugs. Michigan brown and spearamint. Two great tastes that would taste great full of rich, creamy mocha.

  11. I like all of the mugs because while the vases and pitchers are fabulous, I would use a mug more often and thus think of VBOOQ on a daily basis.

  12. I took the easy way out and bought my spinach orzo crack!salad from Whole Paycheck. Nine freaking dollars! There better be bourbon in that vegetarian dinner!

    I love the curly-handled mug with the blended earth tones. You may not like the way the blue came out, but it reminds me of copper patina, and wabi-sabi, and all that.