Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shirking My Duties

*heh* That sounds kinda dirty *heh*
Pervy Monkey!

As a member of a commune (er ... I mean "co-op"), sometimes we have to pitch in and do a little building maintenance. For some god forsaken reason, I volunteered to help with the yard mowing. I have no idea why. The only reason I can come up with is that I was drunk at the time I got the email requesting volunteers, and, in my martini-induced euphoria, I thought, "hey, mowing the yard sure sounds like fun."

Completely forgetting that my MOST HATED CHORE EVER! EVER! is mowing the yard.

Back in my fun pre-teen/teen years, in order to "teach us responsibility" or something, my parents made my brother and me mow the yard. I think we had to alternate. I can't remember. I've tried to block it out for so long.

Our yard wasn't all that big, but

a) it was hilly,
b) it was inhabited by easily-angered hornets the size of pigeons, and
c) there was the completely evil weeping cherry tree.

After dodging the Hornets of Doom and mowing the Hill of Death, the siren song of the weeping cherry called. GAH! Mowing under that was a nightmare - leaves in your ears, bugs dropping down on your head, stinging things, creepy things, mushy things, all over! GAH!

And, so, I must mow the yard at my co-op. It's small. It's relatively effortless, but I am putting it off. I was supposed to mow it during the week of August 14th (And today is?). I had almost convinced myself to mow after I got home from work today.

But, I've talked myself out of it already.
It's too hot.
It's too sunny.
I'll do it later.

Maybe Thursday.


  1. I sooo hate mowing grass. I think it started when I was 16 (with 6 acres of open land to mow) and I drove my parents John Deer thru the sliding glass window in our living room. I was listening to the Violent Femmes and kinda got distracted.


  2. oooo oooo oooo!!! can i help??? i'll operate the video camera to document you mowing! then you can post it and launch your first ever video blog!!! what fun!!!!

  3. Ah I remember those days. Actually for the longest time I was not allowed to operate the mower (just like I was not allowed to drive). But I rememebr edge trimming (hand trimmers, nothing powered back then!) and weeding till I had blisters on blisters.

    Ugh thanks for the memory!

  4. But cheer up! little grassy blades
    for while I'm mowing in the shade
    you'll be growing near the street
    and I'll be mowing there next week.