Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shouldn't Terrorist Threats Translate to Cheaper Airfare?

With terrorist plots to blow up planes from the UK to the US, one would think that the airfare would be a little cheaper. BAH! Cheapest ticket I've found to London so far = $625 RT. My travel dates are approx. Oct. 7th-22nd (if anyone is so inspired to research bargain flights for me).

Have I mentioned that I hate Orbitz? They do this mean trick where they post a cheap price (say $400), but the very small print will say "$650 including taxes and fees." Bastards.

Meanwhile, does anyone have guidebook suggestions? Last time I went, I took Time Out London, which I liked. This time, I'll need something that includes Scotland. I'm not a big fan of the Let's Go series nor Lonely Planet nor Frommers (or any of the other high-end guides). I usually like Rough Guide, but I don't know if they do guidebooks for the UK.

I'm going to the bookstore during my lunch break. Guess I'll just wander the travel section for awhile.


  1. I'd say so, yeah; I mean, the risk of getting killed, on flights to Arabian country's should indeed give travelers a bribe or fee or whatever you guys/girls wanna call it.

  2. Maybe you should hitch hike. Do boats pick up hitch hikers?

  3. check out arthur frommer's "budget traveler" magazine the next time you're at the bookstore. they have a 4-6 page spread on the best deals currently running (usually packages including airfare, hotel, etc.) which are often considerably cheaper than just buying the airfare alone.

    happy trails!