Thursday, August 31, 2006

London! London! London!

Woo hoo!

I bought my ticket to London this morning. I got a pretty good deal on US Air, I think.

Although with the way my luck tends to run, I'll find a cheaper ticket tomorrow. The tickets I've been seeing have been priced around $700. GAH! Way too much. Today, I saw a ticket on Orbitz for $467. When I went to US Air's webpage, the price was $456 departing from a closer, more convenient airport (DC National vs. Baltimore/Washington). YAY!

Now, all I have to do is buy a few guidebooks and figure out when and how I should go to Scotland (Glasgow).

Let the Vacation Countdown BEGIN!

Edited to Note: In my excitement I forgot to include my travel dates. I'm leaving on the evening of October 6th, returning on October 22nd. Anyone want to PsychoKittysit?


  1. $456 is a fantastic price for London, I think. Good for you!

    While you are there, would you mind picking me up one of those Scottish men? Dark hair preferred, but whatever they got is fine.

  2. let us know how the flight goes with the fluid restrictions! have fun :)

  3. How exciting! (Now I'm all wistful about my trip to London back in April...)

  4. You're coming to see me in London!??!?! Excitement! Seriously, drop me an e-mail, we should get a drink when you're here.