Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mistakes Were Made

This is a picture of my pussy:


Her name is Isabella. She is black and brown. She gives forth the Vomit of Joy. She likes to give kitty massages. She likes to snuggle. She is cute. She is female. She is a cat.

This is a picture of the Cheating Cheater who Cheated Cheatfully's dog:


His name is Oscar. He is a sandy brown. He is hyper. He behaves badly. He likes his rubber chewtoys. He is a needy attention whore. He is cute. He is male. He is a dog.

Let's review ...

Cute, male, badly behaved, hyper, sandy brown dog = Oscar
Cute, female, snuggly, massage-giving, black and brown kitty = Isabella

So, last night, when the cute, female kitty jumped on my chest blocking my view of the television, why did I say,

"Oscar, get down!"


  1. Did Isabella vomit on you to show her resentment?

  2. Maybe at that moment the cheating
    cheater called out "Steven!" at a terribly inappropriate moment. ;-)

  3. I'm very glad that after after describing Isabella, using the word "her" and "She" five times that you clarified that she is female. Ditto but vice-versa for Oscar!

    Both look pretty cute though. Yey for puppies and kitties!

  4. Freud was an asshole.